Birthday Party Festivities

My oldest turned 7 this past week. A birthday party on the weekend, a lovely birthday-wake up in bed from mommy and daddy. So much excitement- her sisters had so much energy to burn! One even fell asleep in the kitchen, on the floor, right next to the fridge. What's a moment like that without a photo?

Lazy Sunday

Sometimes a lazy day at home turns into one which ends up including great unplanned activities - a walk with the kids, baking with a playdate, and an impromptu nap on the couch. I'm planning on doing more photo projects like this through the year. Hope you enjoy.

April and May Madness

It's been busy. Kids. Work. Housework. Spring clean-up. I've still been taking photos, just not posting as many.... Here's a sample from the past few months.

Late 366 Project Post (days 52-77)

It's been a crazy end to my 11-week parental leave. While cramming in lots of family time, I ended up studying for a IT security certification (and passing, thank God), and then I had to catch up on all my photos, while doing whatever else one does with three kids, culminating in March Break. It's been madness! But amazing madness that I am going to miss so much when I head back to work on Monday.

Enjoy the photo dump, I'm still going strong!