I feel such a strong feeling of love when I see my loved ones sleep. I feel the need to capture these moments and soak them in. They're so beautiful to me.

Sleeping children provide a chance for busy parents to reflect. To reflect on the day that passed. To reflect on the moments of the morning before the nap. Often - to reflect on one’s shortcomings in the way they interacted with their kids.

Sleeping children provide a poignant reminder to parents - that children remain vulnerable and growing little creatures, deeply in need of constant emotional and physical nourishment. Despite how impatient we become while they’re awake, sleep gives us a chance to check ourselves. Did I overreact when she pushed her sister? Should I just have taken her to the side to ask her if she likes it when she gets pushed instead of yelling at her? Most often, the answer is yes. It's in these moments of sleep that I work at being a better parent and a better person.